Writing a New Score

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My friend, Richie Babel, seems to be well and truly back to being his cocky little frontman self again but that’s not the Richie that inspired this song.
This song was written from the perspective of the more pessimistic, downbeat Richie, when his band wouldn’t let him sing or use his songs and he would say things like –

The other side of this though is that I now fing that when I’m writing something, I’m more likely to abandon it and discard it as another cliché, i.e. “you’ve been there and done that a thousand times …”.

And I find myself playing the chord that sounds best, looking for the next part of the progression and thinking “well, yeah, that’s OK, but it’s a bit obvious isn’t it”

And my personal favourite 😆 –

…you’re mostly left with 1-4-5 and sometimes the minor second and a bloke that can’t sing to save his life.
The same certainly goes for the entire album I wrote.

So here it is, “Writing a New Score”, the first recording of the new guitar as well. hope you enjoy!


Set Us All Free

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New song, folks. Well, not that new but I finally got around to finishing it off 😉

Set Us All Free

New music added

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I’ve added a player to the music page with some new tunes on it ( https://sideshowmanny.wordpress.com/music-2/ ), they are –

All For Show, The Girls Got Shoes, Blueray Man and In The Pygmalion Bar

I suppose it’s like an EP for the next album which I’m currently working on. I reckon the album will be finished next spring, I’ll upload each song as it’s recorded anyway though, seeing as I’ll be giving it all away for free anyway.
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In The Pygmalion Bar- New Song

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A new song for you people, In The Pygmalion Bar. A song based on a true story, experienced by many…

Music page added

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I’ve added a music page which, at the moment, has a SoundCloud player with all the tracks from “Sideshow” and links to download each track from SoundCloud.

I’m working on some new material at the moment and will upload some of that later this week.

Blueray Man

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A recent tune you may not have heard yet, “Blueray Man”.