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Graham Holland from It’s A Frog’s Life Acoustic Podcast has done some digging around and got in touch to tell me that I’ll be able to re-register the domain name after 24th July 2012. So not too long before normal service can be resumed.

A massive massive thankyou to Graham for his investigations. It’s well worth checking out his podcast which you can find here: It’s A Frog’s Life Acoustic Podcast

new elephant friendly url: https://sideshowmanny.wordpress.com

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I’m not much of an activist, I don’t think it’s always a good idea for musicians to get too preachy, it’s the thin end of the Bono wedge…
I had the sideshowmanny.com url registered through Go Daddy, however, after reading this article – bob-parsons-godaddy-ceo-elephant-hunt, I decided not to renew it with Go Daddy when the time came.
So I let it expire but Go Daddy still own the url (there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to register it through another company at the moment).
Which means for the time being at least, the url for the site is: https://sideshowmanny.wordpress.com

It’s more to type but at least no elephants will die in the process.

Holy Mojo Photo’s

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I got round to taking some snaps of the holy mojo on my new guitar.

Do you?

Cos you gotta have…




Gimme 5000 of those –


Holy mojo!

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I treated myself to a new guitar recently. Well, I say new, it’s 21 years old but it’s new to me! I’m the guitars 3rd owner, the 1st owner was a preacher in the States who had adorned the guitar with some stickers (Shouldn’t a preacher know better than to commit sacrilege?!). The second owner removed the stickers but in the 20 years they’d been on there, they’d left a bit of a ‘T’ shirt tan…
So now on the guitar you can see, in glorious T shirt tan, the words “Jesus”, “Believe” and “Faith” plus the outline of a small Christian fish symbol…
So the guitar has some holy mojo, don’t know how it’ll feel about my songs of drunken one night stands and general debauchery but it’s a dream to play and I absolutely love it.
I’m nearly finished recording the first song with it, “Writing a New Score”, I just need to do a few finishing touches and I’ll have it here for you in the next few days.

Here’s a picture of the guitar, for the guitar geeks out there it’s a Larriv√©e LV-03E. The picture is just the eBay picture from the seller, I’ll get some better ones done at some point with some close ups of the holy mojo T shirt tans ūüėČ

Press and Photo pages added to the site

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I’ve added press and photo pages to the site –

Facebook band page added

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I added a band page to facebook for all music related stuff (mostly it’ll be updated with what’s on this blog but if you prefer to facebook, it’s the way to go)- http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sideshow-Manny/125304784170981

Music page added

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I’ve added a music page which, at the moment, has a SoundCloud player with all the tracks from “Sideshow” and links to download each track from SoundCloud.

I’m working on some new material at the moment and will upload some of that later this week.

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